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We offer a complete kitchen design and install service working with or recommended contractors or your own we offer the following services.


  • design and free estimates.

  • supply only kitchens.

  • complete kitchen renovations.

  • installation only we have fitted wren b&q ikea wickes kitchens.

  • worktop installations from laminate solid wood quartz and marble.

Not seen a service you neeed please send us an email with your reguirements and we will be happy to respond.

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LJP kitchens guarantees to beat any like for like quote on your new kitchen.  kitchen installations comes with a 12 month no quibble warranty.  All products come with individual manufacturers warranties and these are available upon request at anytime via email.    


how long does a home survey take?


roughly 30 minutes we will discuss your preferred layout if we see any obstacles with your wanted design take measurements and discuss your preferred ranges.


How long does it take to receive a quote?


it should take a maximum of 7 days to receive your quote back unless we have discussed a couple of options to a single kitchen but we should give you an estimate for the quote to be back on the home survey appointment.


how long do i have to wait for installation ?

it really depends on how busy we are the average time is 4-5 weeks but can increase to 12 weeks in the summer months.

How long does a new kitchen take to fit?


depends on what we are doing a full renovation can take upto 6 weeks a kitchen replacement like for like can take a week but you will be given an estimate with your quotation .


Do I have to pay for a quote?


no these are completely free we also will not chase leads constantly you will receive a text roughly a week after your quote asking if it is still needed and if we hear nothing back we cancel the lead we don't keep phoning..


what if i change my mind before or on installation?


we are very flexiable and will work with individual customersconstantly to solve any design or product changes as the new kitchen process is ongoing and through the build.

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